Hello there anonymous, bored movie-addict. Despite the rather insincere name, this blog is dedicated to adding a smidgeon of clarity to the cacophonous world of contemporary film criticism.

Here are a few things we are NOT:

-We are NOT a movie news blog. We have no illusions about being anyone’s first source for entertainment news, and we will only occasionally even comment on the news in our “Think Piece” section.

-We are NOT a movie awards blog. There are plenty of good awards pundits around the web already, and we don’t believe we can add anything to that conversation besides an occasional think piece, our yearly assessment of awards nominees, and our own personal movie awards.

Here are a few things we hope to be:

-We hope to be primarily focused on film analysis. We aim to make picking films apart to examine and evaluate their individual elements our specialty.

-We hope to eventually be conversationalists. There are SOOOOO many movie bloggers and commentators out there, both professional and amateur. At this point, much of the writing regarding film resembles long winded speechifying. It’s as if hundreds of people stood up on soap boxes in the middle of a public square and began shouting their opinions at one another. It’s an absolute din! And of course, these individuals are hardly listening, much less replying, to one another. Film criticism should be less about monologues and more about dialogue. We hope to work against the idea that criticism is just about putting one’s thoughts out there and then leaving them to rot. We hope to continually engage in conversation and analysis on films in order to increase our understanding of them.

-We hope to be thoughtful contrarians. Two of our article sections are devoted to intentionally going against the grain. “Contrarians’ Corner” attempts to reveal faults in movies with generally positive critical consensus, while “Appreciating Mud” attempts the opposite, highlighting the good elements in movies with a generally negative critical consensus.  These sections are not intended to draw undue attention or upset people. They are only intended to bring much needed nuance to the dialogue surrounding many films.

Our Code of Movie Watching Ethics

-We always aspire to be “movie positive” on this blog. We love movies. We hope that every movie will be good. Even when every indication is grim, we still hope that a movie will have some positive elements buried within. Approaching a film with a more positive and hopeful attitude can do wonders for your movie-watching experience.

-We believe all movies deserve a fair chance. By “fair chance” we mean one complete, uninterrupted viewing, and preferably a minimum of distractions and expectations, positive or negative. Any final judgment made of a movie after only a partial viewing or, even worse, no viewing at all, are worthless and downright disrespectful.

-We believe it is always beneficial to re-examine old opinions and give second chances. Time can change tastes, and not every aspect of a film can always be grasped during the first viewing. Sometimes, one’s opinion or understanding of a movie can change upon repeat viewings. So give movies more than one chance before forming such strong, final conclusions about them!

-We believe it is vital to consider a film in its individual parts as well as in its whole. While a film is a single work of art, typically guided to completion by a single artist (the director), it is also made up of numerous elements, all of which are the work of many other artists and craftspeople. Brief “thumbs up, thumbs down” reviews of movies are far too simplistic to account for these many “micro works” contained within a single film. It is always important to evaluate the merit of each individual part of a film before judging the whole collective work.

With these principles in mind, we hope to enhance your understanding and appreciation for various movies throughout film history. So happy reading, and happy watching.


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